OPKO has recently completed its acquisition of OURLabs, a reference laboratory offering multiple services, including gastrointestinology and dematopathology, and its subdivision OURLab, a urologic reference laboratory.

OURLab Urologic Reference Laboratory

OURLab offers a variety of patient services, including 24-48 hour turnaround time, online access to final reports, personal client services representatives available 24/7, and state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our board certified and highly trained pathologists offer direct consultations and second opinions, and OURLab provides a national contracted commercial network, an active EMR donation program, revenue generating models, and prostate pathology predictive science, as seen in the OURView Panel. Pathologies include prostate and bladder histology, 24-hour kidney stone analysis, and prostate cancer detection on post-DRE voided urine. OURLab operates 18 phlebotomy sites throughout the United States, maintains an experienced national sales force aimed primarily towards urologists, and is strategically positioned as OPKO’s commercial platform for the anticipated U.S. launch of 4Kscore™, a prostate cancer biomarker panel.