Hardware Device

Groundbreaking Diagnostic Hardware

OPKO’s point-of-care system consists of a disposable, microfluidic test cassette and a robust, compact analyzer.

Operation is Simple:

    First, the user collects a finger-stick of whole blood using OPKO’s sample collection device, a form  of capillary tube.

The user then connects the sample collection device to the microfluidic cassette.

The cassette is loaded into the analyzer.

   The cassette is inserted into the analyzer, which performs complex, laboratory-quality assays in about 10 minutes, with no user intervention.

Benefits of OPKO’s Point-of-Care System:

  • Patients benefit from accurate, quick results during their clinical visit
  • Healthcare providers experience more efficient clinical workflows and direct reimbursement
  • Stakeholders enjoy lower total cost of operation and enhanced customer experience

Disposable Cassette


  • Single credit card-sized cartridge can yield quantitative results for multiple markers simultaneously.
  • Requires only a finger-stick of whole blood.
  • Capability for quantitative analysis of blood, serum, urine, and other bodily fluids.
  • Can be packaged as a bench-top instrument of battery-operated hand-held unit.
  • No sample preparation or user intervention.
  • Intelligent quality control monitors each assay step to guarantee accuracy.
  • Wireless, wired, or printer output capable.