Next-Generation Biologics for Cancer and Infectious Diseases

We believe the future of medicine will be multispecific. Our research efforts are focused on advancing multispecific therapies that have the potential to treat the multifaceted drivers of serious conditions including cancers and infectious disease through our wholly-owned subsidiary, ModeX Therapeutics.

Our R&D team is comprised of the former leaders of N.I.H., Sanofi and other leading scientific organizations and our programs have attracted partnerships with Merck, N.I.H., and BARDA.

Addressing Treatment Challenges

Many untreatable diseases arise from aberrations in multiple pathways, yet most medicines only act on single targets. The creation of medicines that simultaneously act on three or more targets – true multispecifics – has been hampered by a lack of adaptable and easily manufactured biologic platforms that can address disease complexity to this degree. Our team is overcoming these challenges by combining natural protein structures to create unique multispecific antibodies.

Our Platforms

With our multispecific antibody platform, we can reliably and rapidly generate candidates that target up to six distinct biological pathways in a single molecule for the first time. This dramatically expands the therapeutic potential of antibodies.

Our Nanoparticle Vaccine Platform enables us to present more copies of an antigen to the immune system which increases the potency of a vaccine.

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